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True decentralization

TERA is a truly decentralized blockchain with almost unlimited number of blockchain manufacturers (hundreds of millions). It is not 20/40 nodes as blackany made by consensus of the DPOS.

1000 TPS

Tera blockchain supports 1000 transactions per second, and the block is created every 3 seconds, while maintaining all the functions of the classic blockchain and providing great opportunities for further development.


Coins are stored in accounts similar to Bank accounts. Account numbers (ID) have a short name. To verify the correctness of the payment, each account has a public name. You can assign a smart contract to each account to manage it intelligently. The system provides safe and easy management of your financial assets.

Double Spending Protection

In the Tera network, blocks are created every second, and the first confirmation time is 8 seconds, but if you want the same degree of reliability as in the Bitcoin network - you need to wait for the same duration. The duration of time you wait correlates to the degree of reliability.

Protection from DDoS attacks

We use transaction priority. Transactions that are sent from accounts with a large amount of funds have a higher priority. 1 Tera to the account gives the right to send 1 transaction byte every 100 blocks (5 minutes).

True DApps

The original script of any TERA dapp is not available for modification by third parties and is free from censorship. A dapp will be functional forever as long as at least one node is running!


TERA platform uses JavaScript as programming language for #smart-contracts and dapps. It has never been easier to develop your own dapp!

Unique POW algorythm

We consider that the POW is the only consensus that can provide true #decentralization. No expensive equipment required to become a miner! Our mining algo utilizes CPU+RAM #mining.

Sharding technology

We have developed truly #decentralized #blockchain and a powerful tool, which is able to provide solution to any issue. Now it is possible to construct new decentralized economy without borders and regulations!


TERA is actually a new re-invention of the blockchain protocol, which allowed to create a fully decentralized and high-performance blockchain platform for the development of DApps in JavaScript. In this case, the blockchain has a built-in cryptocurrency Tera, transactions on the network are free, and all DApps are stored inside the blockchain.

Decentralization is implemented by PoW consensus at the expense of almost unlimited number of block-producers (hundreds of millions), and speed from 1000 tps and confirmation about 10 seconds due to connection of nodes with each other in the form of a multidimensional regular grid and fast delivery protocol of blocks. The new merged sharding protocol allows us to add new chains without losing network security, increasing the total network speed to 1 million transactions per second.



Traditional blockchains do not use the ordering of nodes with each other. This random organization of links does not guarantee fast delivery of blocks between all nodes. In Tera, nodes organize themselves into an orderly manner of communication.

The blockchain takes no longer than 3 seconds to deliver data from the 1st node to the last one. To achieve this, the nodes are connected to each other in a special connection, based on the similarity of the addresses of nodes with each other.


Traditional Blockchain


TERA Blockchain



TeraFoundation project is a blockchain platform that includes decentralized cryptocurrency wallets and DApps and manages users' digital assets, so the safety of our products comes first.

We remind that the bug hunter program pays 100,000 Tera for critical vulnerabilities found that lead to the theft of money from the wallet or the network shutdown. The event is held indefinitely - until a complete victory over all the bugs.

We express our deep gratitude to the GeekHack team for the consulting provided and the vulnerabilities discovered.

The team with high professionalism approached the study and promptly provided reports and recommendations, which made it possible to timely eliminate critical vulnerabilities and significantly increase the level of safety of our users' digital currency wallets. Fruitful cooperation, attention to details and the proper level of confidentiality allowed us to record the absence of real cases of operation, so the assets of our users were provided with the proper level of security.

Claim your reward!

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Max Supply Launch date Consensus Protocol Cryptography Smart contract language
1 000 000 000    Jul-01-2018    POW    sha3, secp256k1    JavaScript   
   Block Size    Pre-mine    Source Code    Explorer    Platform
350 KB    5%    gitlab, github teraexplorer.org    NodeJS   


Plan of development

September 2017

Launch of TERA blockchain

2018 Year

Implementation of Smart-Contracts
Development of Decentralized Forum
Development of Decentralized Exchange
Development of Web Wallet

2019 Year

Development of Android/iOS Wallets
Creation of IDE for DApps development
Development of DApp for anonymous payments
Research to increase transactions with sharding up to 1 million tps

2020 Year

Development and implementation of JINN core
Development and implementation of TERA SHARDING technology
Redesign of website to promote the technology and benefits of TERA blockchain
as the best platform for your business

2021 Year

Development of DeFi ecosystem
Development of bridges across Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains


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